About Our Name

Just a few facts to clear up any confusion about our name and our affiliations…

  • The national organization name is Operation Lifesaver, Inc. and the support staff office is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Their acronym (abbreviation) is OLI. OLI always refers to the national office (headquarters).
  • Every state has a program, i.e., Texas Operation Lifesaver, Alabama Operation Lifesaver, New York Operation Lifesaver, California Operation Lifesaver, etc. Our acronym/abbreviation is TXOL.
  • The abbreviation we can use when referring to the Operation Lifesaver program or materials is OL, not OLS, or OPL, just OL.
  • Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteers are called “OLAVs” or just Volunteers.
  • We give OL presentations to the public, not OLI presentations. OLI always refers to the national office (headquarters).
  • We’re not Operation Life Saver. Lifesaver is one word.
  • It’s also not Lifesavers. Just Lifesaver.