Credit Card Signup Bonus Offers with No Minimum Spend Requirements


Credit cards often come with lucrative signup bonuses. The downside of many of these offers is that they have high minimum spending requirements. Today we’ll look at the other end of the spectrum: easy credit card bonus offers with no minimum spend required!

credit card bonus with no minimum spend

Many of the best travel reward credit cards offer huge signup bonuses, but most require you to spend around $3,000 on the card in the first 3 months. While there are some good tricks to meet minimum spending requirements, these high spends can be prohibitive for many people. Luckily, there are some great credit cards with no minimum spending required. We’ll cover some of the best easy signup bonuses in the guide below.

Signup Bonuses with No Minimum Spend Requirement

There are actually quite a few zero min spend signup bonuses out there. These easy signup bonuses require only one purchase – even if it’s just a pack of gum. Here are some of the most popular zero minimum spend credit cards with bonus offers:

Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Red

AAdvantage Aviator Red

Bonus: 50,000 AAdvantage miles after single purchase
Annual fee: $95, not waived first year

The Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard comes with a hefty signup bonus of 50,000 American Airlines miles. That’s enough for two round-trip domestic flights, or most of a round trip flight to Europe (60,000 miles)! The bonus requires just a single purchase, and the payment of the annual fee. The downside is that there is a $95 annual fee which is not waived the first year – still, $95 for 50,000 AAdvantage miles is quite a bargain! Check out the AA award chart here for details.

Avianca LifeMiles Vuela Visa

Avianca LifeMiles Vuela Visa

Bonus: 40,000 Avianca LifeMiles after single purchase
Annual Fee: $149

The Avianca Vuela Visa card comes with an easy signup bonus of 40,000 LifeMiles, with no minimum spend. Unfortunately the card has a rather hefty $149 annual fee, which is not waived the first year. There have been reports of retention offers on the second year annual fee, however. Avianca has short-haul flights in the US for as low as 7,500 miles. The airline is also part of the Star Alliance (award chart here), so you may be able to get a lot of value out of 40,000 LifeMiles.

Avianca LifeMiles Vida Visa

Avianca LifeMiles Vida Visa

Bonus: 20,000 Avianca LifeMiles after single purchase
Annual Fee: $59

The Avianca Vida Visa is the lower version of the card discussed above. It comes with a more reasonable $59 annual fee, but the signup bonus is halved to 20,000 LifeMiles. Personally I would skip this card, but it may be useful for some people. DoctorofCredit did a great review on both the Vuela and Vida cards here.

Barclay’s Frontier Airlines World Mastercard

Barclay Frontier

Bonus: 10,000 Frontier Airlines miles after single purchase
Annual fee: None

The Barclaycard Frontier Airlines World Mastercard offers a rare combo: A signup bonus with no minimum spend, and no annual fee. 10,000 Frontier miles is enough for a one-way trip in the contiguous United States (award chart here), so that’s not a bad value for such an easy signup bonus.

Bank of America Spirit Airlines World Mastercard

Spirit Airlines World Mastercard

Bonus: 15,000 Spirit Airlines miles after single purchase
Annual Fee: $59, but it’s waived the first year

The Spirit Airlines World Mastercard from Bank of America gives you 15,000 miles, which could earn you up to 3 round trip short-haul domestic flights (award chart here), but only if you’re flying on off-peak travel dates. The first year annual fee is $ 0, but after that it will be $59 per year.

Honorable Mentions

These cards didn’t quite make the cut for our top recommendations, but still deserve a mention. They are listed here because the signup bonus is rather low, and/or the annual fee is too high to make the card worthwhile.

Final Thoughts 

This list is far from complete, but we have done our best to include what we consider to be the best signup bonuses that don’t require a minimum spend. If we missed anything, definitely let us know in the comments!

Also, keep in mind that signup bonuses do change regularly, so be sure to check for the latest credit card offers before signing up. You don’t want to miss out on the current best credit card offers! If you do end up spotting a better bonus on a card you already have, keep in mind that credit card bonus matching is possible in some situations, but not always.


How do I activate my Jet Blue card?

How do I activate a JetBlue Mastercard?Online activation. To activate a new JetBlue Mastercard online, visit the Barclays credit card activation website. ... Activate over the phone. Call 1-877-408-8866 to activate your JetBlue Mastercard over the phone. ... Mobile app activation.Oct 14, › answers › jetblue-mastercard-activate-2140691582JetBlue Mastercard Activation Info - › answers › jetblue-mastercard-activate-2140691582

How do I activate my Barclay card?

Simply log in, tap 'Barclaycard' and activate your card – you'll need your new Barclaycard to hand. If you haven't got either you can download our free app at App Store or Google Play - you'll need your credit limit and new card to start using it.

How do I activate my Citibank credit card?

Here's how to activate a Citi credit card online:Go to the Citi activation website.Click “Register for Online Access” to create an account if you don't already have one.Enter your User ID and password.Click “Activate a Card.”More items...•Jan 19, › answers › activate-citi-credit-card-2140670661How to Activate a Citi Credit Card - › answers › activate-citi-credit-card-2140670661

How do I activate my Costco card?

To activate, call the toll-free number that will be included with your card(s). For individual card purchases, please have the ship-to phone number available at time of activation.

How do I activate my Barclaycard credit card?

Simply log in, tap 'Barclaycard' and activate your card – you'll need your new Barclaycard to hand. If you haven't got either you can download our free app at App Store or Google Play - you'll need your credit limit and new card to start using it.

How do I activate my Hawaiian Airlines credit card?

Hawaiian Credit Card Activation Phone Number (1800-266-4332)Dial the Hawaiian Credit Card Activation Number – 1800-266-4332.Now, Provide the credit card details with your personal identification details.Next, to this, follow the instructions ordered by the instructor to activate your card.Aug 8, › hawaiian-credit-card-activation【 Hawaiian Credit Card Activation › hawaiian-credit-card-activation

How do I activate my new credit card?

Most major credit card issuers make it pretty easy for you to activate a credit card online or by phone....ChaseSign in to or create your Chase account, then verify the card you wish to activate.Call 1-800-432-3117 for personal credit cards.Call 1-888-269-8690 for business credit cards.May 28, › blog › how-to-activate-a-credit-card-step-...How to Activate Your Credit Card: Step By Step Instructions by › blog › how-to-activate-a-credit-card-step-...

How do you know if your credit card is activated?

Call Customer Service. The simplest way to clear up any question about whether your credit card is still active is to call the issuer and ask. Call the number on the back of your card to inquire about the status of your account. If inactive, customer service can likely reactivate.