MyBPCreditCard (BP Credit Card Account)



  • Access a BP Credit Card Account
  • is managed by Synchrony Bank
  • The BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank
  • The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use of the BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card

In order to obtain a BP Credit Card the applicant must be 18 years of age or older, have a good credit score, and be a legal resident of the United States.

To apply (or access an account) please visit .  Returning users who already have a credit card can provide their User ID and Password to access their account.  Those who have a card but need to register will have to provide their name, card number, and zip code (the card number can be found on the credit card or the credit card statement).

Consumers looking to apply for a BP Credit Card can visit MyBPCreditCard Application.

MyBPCreditCard Highlights

  • No annual fee 🙂
  • Credit Card Rewards Not Great (the standard BP credit card does not provide points for purchases made on groceries, dining out and travel 🙁 )
  • Balance Transfers Not Allowed 🙁

MyBPCreditCard Visa Highlights

  • A good gas reward credit card that includes decent value on groceries, dining out and travel 🙂
  • Value Penguin (hat tip) states the card provides a return of 2.25% and 3% on groceries, dining out and travel 🙂
  • The card should be avoided if most of the customers gas purchases come from gas stations other than BP 🙁
  • The BP Visa credit card does not have a great sign up bonus 🙁

Any questions in regards to can be directed to 1-844-832-0035 or dial the toll-free number found on the back of the card.

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  2. Costco Anywhere Visa Card (must be a Costco member)
  3. Chase Freedom